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It’s smooth to grow up when places you pass to are as conformable and safe as mom’s arms!

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My most joyful moments are also a relaxing experience for my mommy: it’s easy for her to relax when she has got the total peace of mind about my safety.

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Soft and safe places to experience my developing body skills and my favorite toys! It’s fun to be a baby!

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I look around my room, my favorite T-shirt is hanging on the rank, my toys are well ranged in the trunk … everything is ok, I can get asleep in my cot now!

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Our Mission

PAPAYA brand was born by the experience of professionals of the infant products field that have Mediterranean origin. In their cultures the moment each single baby come into the world is the happiest moment ever in the life of an individual, in the life of a family and of their whole social environment. The style of PAPAYAcollections is the fruit of this particular vision of the birth moment. It’s a bright, colorful, playful style that harmonizes with the immense joy of a family that is welcoming a baby.
We have a dream in mind that is a world where each baby will use products that are totally safe under the point of view of toxicity profile, stability and entrapment danger. Still a long way to the goal but we are totally committed to giving our sound and meaningful contribution!



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